”Coming to work to an atmosphere like this feels good” – Postipuun koulu voted best work location, Leppävaara Home Care reaches second place

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2020-03-03 15:00

Seure employees chose Postipuun koulu as the best work location in the field of education in 2019. They also selected Leppävaara Home Care, a unit of Espoo Home Care, as the second-best work location in the field of social welfare and health care.  Seure employees appreciated community spirit and efforts to ensure well-being at work.

In a recent vote organised by the workforce leasing company Seure among its employees, the Postipuun koulu joint comprehensive school was selected as the best work location of the year in the field of education. Leppävaara Home Care scored the second place in the field of social welfare and health care, beating hundreds of other social and health care work communities.

The staff are a team, regardless of titles

Located in Leppävaara, Postipuun koulu was praised by Seure employees for its community spirit and the way the school welcomes temporary employees. The award was a delightful surprise to the school staff, although they had already received positive feedback on the good atmosphere.

“This backed up the feedback we have already been given,” says Principal Anne  Suomala. “We accept this recognition with joy and humility. Maintaining a good atmosphere is an ongoing process.”

The temporary staff sent by Seure have been working in both mainstream and special education groups.

“We share know-how with each other in our daily work regardless of our professional titles, and there is no ‘upstairs, downstairs’ attitude here,” says Suomala.

This opinion is echoed by special needs teaching assistant Ritja  Koho who has been assigned to Postipuun koulu by Seure and Johanna Aarrekorpi who is in charge of day care in special classes:

“We are a solid team with no divisions between substitutes and permanent employees.”

The school draws from the strengths of both new and seasoned employees to benefit the pupils. The employees can turn to each other to discuss pedagogical solutions, for example, or to get to know the pupils better.

Successful orientation supports employee well-being

In addition to its spirit of solidarity, Postipuun koulu received praise for supporting well-being at work. The school puts a great deal of effort into the orientation of new employees. For example, every new employee is appointed a tutor who will introduce them to the school’s day-to-day routines.

“Each new employee is tutored by a more experienced teaching assistant. The tutor will introduce the newcomer to the ins and outs of the job and the necessary extra information about the children. No one is left alone here,” Aarrekorpi says.

In addition, the teachers and assistants are offered supervision at work to support their occupational well-being.

Community creates a sense of togetherness for home care workers 

Leppävaara Home Care is delighted with its success in Seure’s vote. “The temporary workers sent by Seure are valuable members of our team,” says Virpi Cavander who is in charge of home care in the Leppävaara area. 

Home Care employs many practical nurses and nurses through Seure, many of whom work for Leppävaara Home Care regularly.

At the beginning of each shift, the temporary employees meet a permanent employee who is responsible for introducing them to the day’s work. They go through the route and clients of the day and receive practical advice such as where to find the porridge carton. 

“It is easier to encounter the client when you know something about them in advance,” says Home Care Instructor Minna Mannila.  

When it comes to the practical work itself, there is no difference between the permanent employees and the temporary ones sent by Seure. The temporary workers have usernames for accessing the client systems, allowing them to enter client information independently. This makes work easier and enhances client safety, as information can be recorded without the help of a third person.

Seure employees’ feedback on the Postipuun koulu joint comprehensive school: 

“Lovely staff and a nice atmosphere! It’s easy to tell that the staff go out of their way for the children!”

“A professional, positive and encouraging work community.”

“Friendly and warm-hearted staff!”

“The teachers and assistants who teach pupils with mild disabilities are particularly lovely. <3 They take the pupils into account and acknowledge their value. Coming to work to an atmosphere like this feels good!”

Employees’ feedback on Leppävaara Home Care: 

“They gave me great preliminary information on the clients I would visit, and the work environment was positive and relaxed.”

“Great staff. They welcome us temps well.”

“They always put the clients first. A fair work community. Seure employees are welcomed as equals.” 

Seure’s vote on the best work location of the year was now held for the second time. The quotes were written by Seure employees while casting their votes.