Auroran koulu

Child is the Most Important
We help children to find their own strengths and to achieve the best of their capabilities.

Children's Culture
We encourage children to express themselves in diverse ways.

Team Spirit and Openness
People are important. We value good communication and co-operation skills, and taking care of each other.

Co-operation Between Home and School
Parents are part of our community and we work together with them.

There are No Pedagogical Boundaries
A chance to learn and teach in diverse ways.

Responsible and Sustainable Action
We take responsibility for our schoolwork and the environment.
General teaching for grades 1-6 and a class of specific language impairment. Altogether, there are 344 pupils in our school.

Our basic work is to support the pupils’ learning in a versatile way so that they achieve good basic knowledge and skills.
In addition to the basic skills our school offers versatile art teaching. We especially emphasize music, expression skills and sports. Our school actively participates in “Schools on the move” project. Art activities take place also outside the classrooms, for example during the siesta clubs (theatre, bands, chorus etc.) cultural siesta week and our school’s annual theatre projects.