Applications for recurring bookings for residents of Espoo

The use of school classrooms, auditoriums, dining halls and entrance halls by Espoo residents:

School premises are available for use in the following periods during the school year 2020–2021:

the autumn season 17 August–4 December 2020 and the spring season 7 January–7 May 2021

School premises are usually available for supervised use from 17 to 21 on weekdays and from 9 to 15 on weekends. The premises and time slots available are listed by school in the resource booking system. If a time slot is not listed in the system, it is only available for self-supervised use.

Recurring time slots

The application period for time slots in the school year 2020–2021 has ended. The time slots granted were published on 23 May 2019 (time slots in Finnish-speaking schools) and on 27 May 2019 (Swedish-speaking schools). The applicants were informed of the time slots granted to them at the same time.

Complementary recurring time slots and one-off time slots for Espoo residents

Applications may be submitted through the resource booking system throughout the season. The applications for complementary time slots will be processed after the schedule of the recurring time slots has been published. During the season, they will be processed within 14 days.

How to apply for supervised time slots

To apply for supervised time slots, always use the resource booking system. The system provides step-by-step instructions on how to fill in an application. Additional information is available in the user instructions.

You can browse the booking calendar without signing in. To submit an application, you need to sign in using your online banking credentials or mobile authentication. If the desired school or time slot is not listed in the resource booking system, the school does not have supervision during that time.

An application is not a reservation. The time slot is reserved for you only after you receive an email confirmation of your reservation. The system’s automatic reply after you submit your application is not a confirmation.

You may cancel your time slot free of charge if you cancel it at least 14 days in advance. Please send your cancellation to:

User roles during the booking of time slots:

  • If you wish to book a time slot as a private person, sign in and select to use the service as a private person. Please notice that in this case, you will be personally responsible for paying the costs.

  • If you wish to book a time slot on behalf of a society, sign in and select to use the service on behalf of your society. If necessary, you can also create a new society in the system when you sign in. If the system announces that the society you created already exists, please email to to be added to that society’s account as its representative. The details of your society will be automatically filled in at the top of the form if you chose to use the system as its representative.

  • Please also read the instructions on how to book premises for housing company meetings.

How to apply for self-supervised time slots

Self-supervised use of school premises always requires the school principal’s approval. Use a separate form to request approval directly from the school in question. The applicant must also sign a commitment to perform self-supervision. By signing the commitment form, the applicant agrees to the terms and conditions of the use and to the self-supervision and cleaning requirements defined in the terms and conditions.

Further information

Recurring time slots, self-supervised use of premises and the resource booking system:

Finnish-speaking schools: and tel. 040 507 6059 (Mon at 9-10, Tue-Thu at 9-11). Summer recess from 3rd July until 2nd August.

Swedish-speaking schools: and tel. 09 816 27600 (Tue at 10–11).

One-off time slots and equipment in the premises:

Please contact the school secretary of the school in question.

Booking of premises at the Opinmäki learning centre:

Please submit applications through Opinmäki’s reservation system.

Booking of premises for activities organised by the City of Espoo:

Please write to or contact the school secretary of the school in question.

Booking of sports facilities:

Sports facilities are administered by the Sports and Exercise Services unit. Please also read their instructions.