Extended compulsory education

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Compulsory education begins one year earlier than enacted, if the goals set for basic education cannot be reached in nine years due to the child's handicap or illness. In this case, compulsory education lasts 11 years unless the basic education syllabus is completed earlier. Compulsory education begins in the year the child turns six. A pupil's first year of compulsory education is carried out in early childhood education and care. The child has the right to begin in cost-free pre-primary education in the year he/she turns five.

Applying to extended compulsory education is done by filling in the form Huoltajan ja oppilaan kuuleminen. A pedagogical investigation or the child's learning plan for pre-primary education and a professional statement (psychological or physical/medical) shall be annexed to the form.

The guardians shall contact the special education planners of the Finnish Education Unit in order to apply to extended compulsory education and to fill in the form.

> Contact information to the Finnish Education Unit