Moving to another municipality

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The new home municipality is responsible for the education of a pupil who moves from Espoo to another municipality. The guardians shall notify the school in Espoo about the move, in which the pupil was supposed to begin school-going in the following autumn or which the pupil attends when the school year begins. The guardians shall also contact the education authority or a local school in their new home municipality.

If the pupil wants to continue school-going in Espoo, the guardians shall apply for a study place to the child as a pupil of another municipality. The guaradians shall fill in the form Toissijaiseen kouluun hakeminen and submit it to the school principal or head teacher. A pupil can be admitted to a school in Espoo only if free study places remain after pupils who are Espoo residents have been admitted. Decisions on admitting a pupil living in another municipality is made by the superintendent of schools (school principal or head teacher if the pupil studies in foreign-language or weighted-curriculum education). Transportation costs of a pupil living in other municipality are the responsibility of the guardians or the pupil's new home municipality.

Toissijaiseen kouluun hakeminen (application form) (doc, 110 Kt)