Client fees and operating times of afternoon activities

Client fees

Client fees of afternoon activities have been issued by the City’s Board.  

From August 1st 2016 onwards the fees are:

  • part-time activities at 12–3 pm – 80 euros per month.
  • full-time activities at 12–5 pm – 140 euros per month. 

The client fee is the same every month, also in August. The fee will not be collected in June. The fee includes a snack. 

A client fee may be collected from a month in which the child participates in the activities. If the child cannot participate in morning or afternoon activities in over 10 days during a calendar month, only half of the fee will be collected. If an illness-related absence lasts the entire calendar month, the fee will not be collected. If the child does not participate in the activities for some other reason during the entire calendar month, half of the monthly fee will be collected.  The service provider must be notified of a change in writing minimum 2 weeks in advance. The fee can be left uncollected or it can be reduced, if it is justified considering the guardian’s maintenance support obligation, secure income requirements or care-related viewpoints. Applying for a reduction in price or for leaving it uncollected shall be done with a written application form. The application may be submitted after the child has been admitted to afternoon activities. The decision on a price reduction or on leaving it uncollected is made on the basis of the family size and the family’s gross income. More information about price reductions and leaving fees uncollected is found in the bulletin Tiedote asiakasmaksun perimättä jättämisestä tai alentamisesta and can be requested from the Finnish Education Unit by email in the address or from the service provider of afternoon activities.




Operating times 

Afternoon activities follow the school’s work and holiday times. 

  • part-time afternoon activities at 12–3pm 
  • full-time afternoon activities at 12–5pm  

Afternoon activities places are admitted according to activity times which the guardian has announced in the application. By a written notification, the guardian may change the child’s activity hours from full-time to part-time.  Notifications submitted in November come into effect from the beginning of January. 

Notifications for changing the activity hours and for terminating the afternoon activities place shall be submitted minimum one calendar month prior to the change. For example, a change made in December will come into effect on February 1st. Changes announced in April will not affect the monthly fee anymore. A client fee is collected during the termination period. Changes in activity times can be submitted through Wilma in the file Hakemukset ja päätökset (eng. Applications and decisions) by filling in the form Iltapäivätoimintapaikan peruuttaminen, irtisanominen ja toiminta-ajan muuttaminen (eng. Cancelling and terminating an afternoon activities place or changing the activity hours) or by email to the address