Get to know Finland-open group continues in Perkkaa and starts in Matinkylä

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2019-08-22 10:35

This fall Get to know Finland-open group continues in Perkkaa inhabitant park (Majurinpolku 3, Leppävaara) and starts at Matinkylä inhabitant park (Matinraitti 12, Matinkylä). The aim of the group is to provide possibilities for families to familiriaze themselves with Finnish society and to meet other families. The group is open to everyone. All the activities are planned taking into account the needs and wishes of families.

The group takes place on Thursdays at 10-12 o’clock in Perkkaa inhabitant park and on Thursdays at 13-15 o’clock in Matinkylä inhabitant park. Both groups start at 5th September.

In Espoon keskus area Get to know Finland -open group continues in Espoon Me-talo by Nicehearts ry.


Info in Finnish, Perkkaa (pdf, 51 Kt)
Info in English, Perkkaa (pdf, 98 Kt)
Info in Russian, Perkkaa (pdf, 137 Kt)
Info in Arabic, Perkkaa (pdf, 114 Kt)

Info in Finnish, Matinkylä (pdf, 226 Kt)
Info in English, Matinkylä (pdf, 230 Kt)
Info in Russian, Matinkylä (pdf, 245 Kt)
Info in Arabic, Matinkylä (pdf, 162 Kt)