Dear resident of Espoo!

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2018-04-24 Environmental Design Team

We are the new environmental design team of the City of Espoo. Our work is a year-long experiment under the Participatory Espoo programme. We are here to improve the opportunities of Espoo residents to develop their immediate surroundings. Our trio will hit the streets of Espoo starting in April. Our goal for the year is to see as many resident projects become a reality as possible. No idea is too small to come true, as long as it improves the well-being of the people living in the area, makes their everyday life a little happier and contributes to a sustainable Espoo. If you have an idea that matches these criteria, we encourage you to contact us!

Ympäristömuotoilun tiimi

We act as low-threshold contact persons between the residents and the municipality. We also create new links between local people, communities and businesses. We work with existing ideas to make them come to life and we participate in the development of new ideas. Our goal is to inspire the residents of Espoo to take an initiative to improve their living environment, both now and in the future.

As our role in Espoo is a new one, our work will take shape over the next 12 months as we work on projects with all of you. Espoo is being developed for its residents, with the residents. We also strive to make the city’s versatile opportunities – such as premises and grants – better known. As a resident of Espoo, you now have a new opportunity to influence tomorrow’s Espoo. Accept the challenge and become an #EspooActivist. Let’s build an #inspiringEspoo together!

You can find us on Facebook: Environmental Design Team