Elections to the European Parliament 2019

The European Parliament (EP) is one of the legislative bodies of the European Union (EU). Members of the European Parliament are directly elected by EU citizens in elections that are held every five years in every Member State. The next election will be held in 2019. In Finland, the election day will be Sunday, 26 May 2019. In Finland, advance voting will take place from Wednesday, 15 May to Tuesday, 21 May 2019.
Further information about the right to vote in the European Parliament elections

Each Member State shall hold the elections in accordance with its national legislation.

Further information about voting and the European elections
• Information about European elections in different languages
• Toll-free election information service number 0800 9 4770
• Questions about the election may be sent to vaalit@om.fi

Postal voting 

A possibility to vote by post will be introduced in Finland in the parliamentary elections of 2019. Eligible voters living permanently abroad and eligible voters staying abroad during the advance voting period and on the election day will have the right to vote by post in general elections. An eligible voter wishing to vote by post orders the postal voting documents to an address abroad, casts their vote, and sends the vote in a covering envelope to Finland to the central municipal election board of his or her municipality.
Further information about postal voting