European cooperation

Espoo cooperates closely with its European partners. This also supports the implementation of the Espoo Story. Story.

Espoo is a member of several European  networks  whose most important tasks include:

  • learning and exchange of information between cities;

  • creation of new partnerships for internationally significant development projects;

  • representation of interests in the EU.

Through these networks, Espoo can also market the know-how found in the city.

Representation of Espoo’s interests in the EU

Representation of Espoo’s interests in the EU is performed both nationally and internationally through various networks and contacts. Good and versatile relations with EU institutions and other European organisations are important channels through which the interests of Espoo residents can be promoted in international arenas.

Based in Brussels, Helsinki EU Office supports Espoo in EU-related matters. It represents a total of 14 cities, regional councils, higher education institutions and RDI players. The office supports its partners’ representation of interest in the EU and improves their visibility in various EU forums. In addition, the office informs the City of Espoo about the preparation of EU legislation, EU funding programmes and upcoming calls for proposals, events, and opportunities for cooperation and networking.

EU-funded projects

The City of Espoo often has the same development needs as other European cities. Espoo therefore participates in both internationally governed (e.g. Horizon 2020) and nationally governed (ERDF, ESF) EU-funded projects that support the realisation of the goals of the Espoo Story.

Do you have an idea for a project?

Does your organisation have an idea for an EU project in which you would like to involve the City of Espoo? If it is an EU-funded project that includes international cooperation, contact EU Policy Manager Elina Voutilainen.

If your idea is for a national 6Aika project, contact Programme Manager Johanna Lyytikäinen.

Additional information:

Elina Voutilainen
EU Policy Manager
+358 40 552 7411

Johanna Lyytikäinen
Programme Manager
+358 40 723 1833

Helsinki EU Office