Coronavirus instructions in different languages

Latest update: 9 October 2020

We have compiled brief coronavirus instructions and information about the effects on the city’s operations in different languages.

Brief coronavirus instructions and information

HSL recommends wearing a face mask on public transport

Instructions for persons placed in quarantine at home

Coronavirus testing and assessment of symptoms

  • If you have any symptoms that suggest you may have the coronavirus, call Espoo’s coronavirus helpline, tel. 09 816 34600 (Mon–Fri 7:00–18:00). 
  • Coronavirus testing is available to anyone with symptoms that suggest they may have contracted the coronavirus, such as fever, cough, a sore throat, a runny nose or congestion, shortness of breath, loss of the sense of taste or smell, diarrhoea or stomach pain without an apparent cause.

Only visit a health centre if you have an appointment

  • The appointment booking number of Espoo’s health centres in other matters, tel. 09 816 34500, Mon–Fri 7:00–18:00 

Wear a face mask

Wear a mask if it is impossible to keep a safe distance from others. The Finnish Government recommends wearing a mask

  • when travelling by bus, train, metro or tram
  • in public spaces and events
  • on your way to COVID-19 testing
  • if you have just arrived in Finland and are on your way to quarantine.

The key thing is to keep a safe distance of 2 metres from others and wash your hands often. If you have any symptoms, stay at home. (

Download the Koronavilkku app on your phone

The app helps you find people who may have coronavirus infection. If you are diagnosed with an infection, you can report it anonymously on the app. The app also notifies you in case you have been in contact with an infected person.

Koronavilkku is safe to use. The Koronavilkku app is provided by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and it works in Finland.

You can download the app free of charge on the website. The app is available in Finnish and Swedish. (

Everyday matters during the coronavirus epidemic

  • Welfare services for families with children, tel. 09 816 23600, Mon–Fri 9:00–14:00 
  • Social services helpline and food assistance, tel. 09 816 45000, Mon–Fri 8:00–12:00
  • The residents’ parks are open. Do not visit the parks if you are even slightly ill. Activities are only organised outdoors, ensuring safe distances.
  • Wash your hands with soap often and cough into your sleeve. 
  • Remember to keep a safe distance of 1–2 metres between you and other people. 

Early childhood education

  • Day care centres are open. You are only allowed to go to a day care centre if you are in good health.  

Sports and exercise, culture and youth

  • Swimming pools, libraries, museums and youth facilities are open.

Customer service

  • The city’s Service Points are open as usual. 
  • Do not visit the Service Points if you are ill. 


Further instructions for Espoo residents: You can also find a smartbot on the city’s website at You can ask the smartbot questions about the coronavirus in more than 100 languages. 

Other websites with information about the coronavirus and symptoms in different languages

Kela’s telephone service in Arabic, Somali and Russian

The service is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 to 12:00.
Telephone numbers:
  • Arabic 020 6344 902
  • Somali 020 6344 905
  • Russian 020 6344 901