Employment services in summer 2020

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2020-06-15 10:54

Employment services will be available almost throughout the summer. Some services will have a summer break in July. Send your email to our joint address and it will reach an employee who is at work.

Employment Corner

Advice and guidance on employment and education will be available almost throughout the summer, both remotely and at our location at the Iso Omena Service Centre. Summer break: 13–26 July 2020.

Ohjaamotalo One-Stop Guidance Centre and Starttipiste

Advice and guidance will be available throughout the summer, both remotely and at our Starttipiste locations in Leppävaara and Iso Omena. We will continue to hold information events for jobseekers on Discord every Wednesday from 13:00 to 16:00. If you wish to book an appointment with a career counsellor or a nurse specialising in substance abuse and mental health issues, call Starttipiste, tel. 040 126 7513.

  • Ohjaamotalo, Lintuvaarantie 2. Open: Mon, Wed, Fri 12:00–16:00 and Tue, Thu 10:00–16:00. Tel. 040 126 7513.
  • Ohjaamotalo’s Starttipiste, Iso Omena Service Centre, 3rd floor, Mon–Fri 14:00–18:00. Tel. 043 825 7607.

Services for jobseekers

Our business coordinators will serve their current clients remotely throughout the summer. Email: tyonhakupalvelut@espoo.fi

Korko – Value for Academics – creating opportunities

We serve clients remotely. Summer break: 20–26 July 2020. No group activities in July. Email: korkoinfo@espoo.fi

Omnia Skills Centre for Immigrants

We serve clients remotely. A summer break in July. Email: oske@omnia.fi

Pay-subsidised and obligation-based employment

We serve clients remotely. Summer break: 13–17 July 2020. Email: tyonhakupalvelut@espoo.fi

Multisectoral joint services promoting employment (TYP) and rehabilitative work experience

These services are available remotely and, in certain situations, also face to face. The TE Office experts are available by phone. Email: kuntouttavatyotoiminta@espoo.fi

Work Centres

We will open our Work Centres gradually, starting from 8 June 2020. Some clients will continue to attend remote training throughout the summer.

Sole entrepreneurs’ applications for operating support

We will accept and process applications throughout the summer. Helpline, tel. 09 816 40500 (Mon–Fri 8:00–15:00).