Registry Office

The Registry Office is responsible for recording received documents and other matters related to the City of Espoo’s decision-making and for related services. The Service Points will help you if you have more general questions about the city’s services.

The Registry Office records matters concerning decision-making and the documents that a municipal official responds to. Recorded documents include e.g. initiatives to municipal authorities, complaints, appeals, requests for comments, comments, requests for a statement or report, decisions, petitions and letters of response.

The e-mail address of the Registry Office,, is the official e-mail address of the city. If you need to, you can send us a confidential email by using the service at

Mail can be delivered to the Registry Office even when it is closed. The Registry Office’s mailbox is near the lifts on the third floor of Entresse and the box is emptied on weekdays at 8.00 am. Mail left in the mailbox is recorded to have arrived at the time when the box is emptied.

The announcements are published electronically at

The Registry Office is open as usual despite the coronavirus epidemic. However, we recommend that customers should contact us primarily by phone or email. If you need to bring us documents, you can also put them in the Registry Office letterbox.