Louhi Hall

Louhi Hall is a black theatre hall with 178/233/296 seats.
Top level theatre technical equipment and our professional personnel ensure the successful
organisation of various music, theatre and dance performances. A space with high adaptability,
the hall is also very well suited for organising business events.

Hall chart: Louhi Hall


21 seats per row
large auditorium 296 seats
small auditorium 233 seats (first three rows not in use = 63 seats)

width 1,440 cm
depth 11:40 large stage (234 m2)
             8:60 small stage (184 m2)
clearance 7 m (from bottom of bridge)
Sound system
Midas XL8 Touring Package

PA System
Meyer Sound

Lighting console
GrandMA Full-Size

143 pcs Strand EC21
54 pcs Strand EC 21

Point hoists
point hoists 10 pcs
load 300 kg
5 tracks, 2 hoists per track

Chain hoists 2 pcs
load 500 kg

Backdrop hoists 2 pcs
width 1,400 cm
load 300 kg

Cover hoists 3 pcs
width 1,350 cm
load 100 kg

Liftable back bridge
500 kg m2
mechanical locking on both sides

Ascending floor elevator
depth 281 cm
width 1,140 cm
ascends +200 cm

Descending floor elevator
depth 279 cm
width 1,140 cm
descends -260 cm

Lighting trusses 2 pcs
Verlinda chain hoists 500 kg 4 pcs
length square truss 12 m 2 pcs
load 50 kg/metre

Special door
width 470 cm
height 580 cm

Louhi Hall loading doors
width 230 cm
height 270 cm