Korona Kollektiivi - Open call for submissions

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Korona Kollektiivi
Korona Kollektiivi (Corona Collective) 
Espoo Cultural Cenre, AHJO exhibition space
Curation: Espoo Cultural Centre, Sami Yaffa
Application guidelines below.

"The coronavirus gives and takes. So far it has only taken. It took my work, and it took some of my friends lives.
For the first time, the whole world, regardless of religion, race or economic status, faces something together. Did it have to be a horrific pandemic? Will humans learn only through a catastrophe, will we learn even then? One will have to find that light at the end of the tunnel. This time on our hands will also give you the opportunity that maybe you didn't have before, to create something new. It also gives you the time to reflect on what is near and dear."
-Sami Yaffa

The current coronavirus situation has shut down society, but the arts and cultural sector hasn’t lost its voice or audience. Amongst other feelings, the situation evokes fear, uncertainty, anxiety, nonchalance and frustration. We often find that voicing our feelings through art is more detailed and descriptive than words. Let’s give art a voice.

Curated by the Espoo Cultural Centre and Sami Yaffa, the Corona Collective is an upcoming exhibition to be held in the AHJO exhibition space. The Collective aims to document the coronavirus pandemic, creating dialogue and engaging audiences through art.

The Collective is now open to submissions across all art forms, from both professional artists and amateurs. The world has changed indefinitely and within the state of emergency declared by Finland, the meaning of arts and culture becomes more powerful. The Espoo Cultural Centre is hoping the Collective will inspire artists to engage with their feelings rising from the pandemic through art.


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Information and location


Fri 2020-04-17 10:00 - Tue 2020-06-30


Espoo Cultural Centre, AHJO Exhibition Space

Kulttuuriaukio 2, 02100 Espoo


Espoo Cultural Centre

Price, euro