Espoo City Theatre The Seal - Hylje

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Teatteriesitys Hylje

Is sugar a comfort when we are scared? 

At the core of Hylje is a nuclear family that lives by the sea. People are fleeing from war and other crises, seeking shelter in Europe, but the family has decided to shut its door, and eyes, from reality. Their carefully constructed sense of idyllic peace, safety, and imaginary shared morals are upset when a person washes up on their shore.

The play’s three acts each depict events at an even decade apart. Real world rules do not apply here, and the characters’ inherent silliness is revealed as they struggle to control uncontrollable events. Everything circles back to the seashore, and the family’s collective trauma.

Hylje is a play about fear overwhelming values. It is a dystopia of sorts, a chimera of a future we cannot afford to have. When fear overpowers values, what is the impact on each individual, each family, and the society at large?

Premiere in Kajaanin kaupunginteatteri 7.11.2020.

Playwright Marie Kajava
Director Riikka Oksanen
Set Design Markku Hernetkoski
Costume Design Riitta Raunio
Lighting Design Jukka Laukkanen
Sound Design Juho Lukinmaa
On Stage Salla Loper, Helka-Maria Kinnunen, Mika Silvennoinen ja Sampsa Timoskainen
Production Kajaanin kaupunginteatteri / Maria Tolonen

Duration 2 h, with intermission
Performed in English, Finnish surtitles in mobile app

Information and location


Thu 2020-12-03 19:00 - 21:00


Espoo Cultural Centre, Louhi Hall

Kulttuuriaukio 2, 02100 Espoo


Espoo City Theatre

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Espoo City Theatre

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€35/32/20 + delivery fee (from €1)