Culture came to visit at Viherkallio kindergarten

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2019-11-12 10:13

Friday 1.11. Viherkallio kindergarten has a thrilled atmosphere. Many groups of children, older and younger gather in the hall. Various musical instruments, such as chimes and rhythm eggs, have been brought to the children. It is the last day of the Culture Calls instrument packages in this kindergarten, and the children have prepared a music performance for Teija Männistö, a music teacher. Children are drumming the floor with their hands and making the sound of rain. The show is about to begin.

There are two packs of instrument packages in kindergartens in Espoo. There are different sets of instruments, one for melody and the other for rhythm instruments, and are available for two weeks at each kindergarten. As the music packages arrive at the new kindergarten, Männistö trains staff to learn how to play instruments, and how to teach children how to play and become enthusiastic about music. During the two weeks the children get to know the musical instruments. After that, Männistö will hold a closing session for the kindergarten, where she will discuss with the kindergarten staff how the instrument packages have worked and how the two-week-long period of music has gone.

At the Viherkallio kindergarten, the teachers have been happy to participate in the Culture Call, and the great music performances at the closing event were hand-written by the staff. According to Männistö, the content of the closing ceremony varies by kindergartens; in other places, she is left with no responsibility, but staff only wants feedback from a pedagogical point of view, while other times she is asked to play a greater role in the ceremony.

Kid singing to a microphone.

Culture Call is a flexible way to bring culture into the daily life of the kindergarten

According to the kindergarten staff, Culture Call has not required a lot of effort, but has been a nice and stimulating addition to the daily life. Each kindergarten has been able to carry out a little bit of its own Culture Call, as the instrument packages provide the freedom to design the program yourself. In Viherkallio, the staff has invested in Culture Call through their own strengths. With the help of Culture Call, many of the staff have become enthusiastic about music. However, there have been some bumps, too, as the instrument packs have been so nice that they have been wanted for more than just the two weeks.

Männistö has noticed, while coordinating the instrument package program, that when creating a program for kindergartens, it is better to have an easier and simpler program. Different kindergartens have different frameworks and opportunities, and a simple program can be customized easier between different destinations. Even for children of all ages, it is important to customize the program to help children get the most out of Culture Call.

The children have enjoyed the Culture Call. Playing different instruments has been challenging, but it has been fun and exciting to be able to present what the children have learned to others after two weeks. The children also wish to have more concerts. Many children have become enthusiastic about playing and music. Teachers have been proud of the children and the courage they have come to try and succeed in learning something new.

Children at Viherkallio day care center gathered around at the hall.

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Culture Call is coordinated by servicescoordinator Kaisa Koskela,