Enjoy culture and sports online

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2020-03-27 10:23

Culture, art and sports bring joy, wellbeing and a wealth of new experiences. Their significance is highlighted especially in challenging times.The City of Espoo encourages residents to enjoy the wide variety of online culture and sports services offered by the city and its partners. More services will be launched during spring.

Stay active at home

In collaboration with partners, the city has published video instructions including a wide variety of training options for the larger public and simple everyday exercise for seniors (in Finnish). Also tips on how to be active in the many surrounding nature areas in Espoo, while keeping in mind the social distance, will be published in the city’s social media channels. E.g. the Espoo liikkuu Instagram channel (@espooliikkuu) publishes outdoor workout instructions and exercise tips every week. 

Local sports clubs have moved services online and some have found new ways to support local communities, for instance by providing food delivery services.

Find joy and comfort in music

The new cultural online service, Kotona247, streams live concerts by Tapiola Sinfonietta and other artists. The first live stream of folk artist Viitalan Piia at Espoo Cultural Centre attracted even more participants than the physical concert hall would’ve allowed for. A virtual message wall was used to create a sense of community, allowing virtual viewers from all over the country to keep up an active dialogue. “This comforting concert is the highlight of the lockdown“, was one of many thankful responses to the initiative.

Enjoy theatre and create stories with your children

Espoo City Theatre streamed its premier of the Lehman trilogy online (in Finnish) on the 27th of March and other local theatres are planning to add fresh material to their web channels during the spring.

Dance Theatre Glims & Gloms shares e.g. videos and pictures in YouTube/Vimeo and Facebook.

Actors at Teatteri Hevosenkenkä read fairytales for children onYouTube. Many stories have been created together with children, using the Storycrafting method – a co-writing method for children and parents or educators. The stories are in Finnish and include also classic fairytales by for instance H.C. Andersen or Rudolf Koivu. Families can send suggestions on co-created stories also in Swedish and English to hevosenkenka@hevosenkenka.fi

Activities for children at home

What can you do with children at home? Tips from early childhood education and pre-primary education employees of the City of Espoo. https://sites.google.com/eduespoo.fi/tekemista-kotona-lapsille/etusivu (in Finnish)

Children´s art venter Aurora and Seikkailutaidekoulu offer 15 creative ideas for different plays and experiences  Auroranseikkailutaidevinkit

Explore the world at online libraries and museums

Espoo City Library, together with the network of metropolitan area libraries, Helmet, offers vast multilingual eLibrary services and is undergoing negotiations to expand the eLibrary collections.  Digital events are arranged at local libraries. 

The Iso Omena Library organizes a virtual workshops about world music ”Music Is Happening”. You can participate on the librabry´s facebook page.

EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art has released a documentary of artist Rut Bryk and artist interviews fully or partly in English.Gallen-Kallela Museum offers its collections online also in English. The collections of Espoo City Museum can be exploredonline (in Finnish and Swedish).

You can also make virtual journeys around the world: many culture institutions, e.g. museums, offer their collections to be explored via Google Art & Culture Service. You can find the collections of EMMA from the service as well. 

In addition, Opera Vision brings opera, Versopolis poetry and ESNS20 new music from all over Europe to your home couch. The services have been created with support of the EU-funded Creative Europe program.