Espoo residents frequently exercise and use cultural services

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2019-09-26 10:01

Espoo residents’ leisure activities and social participation were investigated in 2017 as part of a national survey conducted by Statistics Finland. A total of 748 Espoo residents took the survey. The survey results suggest that Espoo residents engage in diverse culture-related and physical leisure activities.

More than half of the respondents attend instructor-led hobby groups weekly. An equal number participates in the activities of various associations, of which sports organisations are among the most popular. One in four Espoo residents volunteer at least once a month.

Among all cultural services in Espoo, the library reaches a particularly large audience. The library attracts people of different age and language groups. Espoo residents most commonly visit a library to check out materials. Almost 70% of Espoo residents have a culture-related hobby. The most popular pastimes include handicrafts, photography and music. Espoo residents exercise actively in both summer and winter. The most popular forms of exercise include jogging, at-home workouts, instructed exercise sessions held by sports organisations, exercise classes and water sports. Espoo residents also enjoy the great outdoors.

A total of 84% of the respondents attend cultural events, while 74% attend athletic competitions. The single most popular cultural attraction are the movies. The most popular spectator sport is ice hockey. More than half of the respondents thought that Espoo offers a sufficient number of meeting places for their age group. Respondents aged 15 to 24 were the only exception, as they thought that there should be more meeting places.

The survey results were collated cooperatively by the Cultural Unit and the Sports and Youth Services unit of the City of Espoo and the Center for Cultural Policy Research Cupore. Detailed results will be published in the quarterly publication Eetvartti 3/2019 (in Finnish).

Further information:

Tiina Pohjanen, Coordinator
Education and Cultural Services, Cultural Unit 

Petra Sorvasto, Planning Officer
Education and Cultural Services, Sports and Youth Services

Minna Joensuu, Specialist
Mayor’s Office, Research and Statistics