Research: Espoo invests in developing cultural services – extensive research project completed

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2020-04-23 8:28

The extensive EspooCult cultural policy research project has been completed. The project studied Espoo as a cultural city for over two years.

Among other things, the EspooCult research project investigated how culture shows in urban development and how Espoo residents participate in cultural activities. The project has been a significant investment in developing Espoo’s cultural services and increasing their visibility in the city. Its results open up a number of different perspectives and many recommendations for the future.

The City of Espoo aims to enable the involvement and participation of all residents in cultural services. The research project revealed that Espoo residents are active users of cultural services. On the other hand, there are differences in their participation in cultural activities when compared by age, gender, native language, residential area and socio-economic status.

“Everyone has the right to culture, and art should play an increasingly strong role in the daily lives of all residents,” says Susanna Tommila, Cultural Director of the City of Espoo.

The research project notes that culture plays an important role in many aspects of the city’s activities, such as advancing sustainable development and promoting social sustainability. In the CultureEspoo 2030 vision, culture and art are seen as part of the city’s spirit, residents’ daily lives, physical urban environment and Espoo identity.

“Through good cooperation with decision-makers, we can strengthen the positive impact of culture at the level of the entire city. Encounters between various groups of people, sense of community and diversity play an important part in this,” Susanna Tommila says.

The research project was carried out by the Center for Cultural Policy Research (Cupore).

EspooCult research project (entire project, PDF, in Finnish)

The research project on the Cupore website