Results of the drawing competition for the Dream Visitor Centre -exhibition

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2019-09-24 16:15

Uutiskuva piirustuskilpailu

In the summer, a drawing competition for children was organized at the Glims Farmstead Museum, Espoo City Museum. The competition was linked to the Dream Visitor Centre. Visions of Architecture  Students. - exhibition in Glims. The exhibition presents visions of Aalto University architectural students about Glims' new building, the dream of the museum's future.

The competition for children was attended by 15 young architects and the drawings were absolutely stunning! Due to the overall high level of the works, the winner could not be selected on the basis of merits, but the winners were drawn in a lottery. The evaluation report was drawn up by Marja Sahlberg, the Architect at the Espoo City Museum.

In the evaluation report, Sahlberg divided the works into four categories,
1) Colorful and cozy museum houses,
2) Exciting and special shaped museums,
3) Museum houses, which are presented via museum visitors and
4) Museum houses where you can do all kinds of things.

The full evaluation report can be read at the Dream Visitor Centre -exhibition. Thank you to all participants and good luck for all the winners!

Read more about the Glims Farmstead Museum and the Dream Visitor Center. Visions of architecture students -exhibition. At the exhibition, you can give feedback to the architecture students and comment on their work. The exhibition is open until January 12, 2020, according to the opening hours of the Glims Farmstead Museum.