Tapiola’s renewal and inauguration continue

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2019-10-23 11:43

The urban renewal of Tapiola continues. Bicycle parking for hundreds of bicycles, decorated with art, will be opened at the metro station. The new Merituulentori is about to be completed and the shopping centre AINOA with its new shops and services is also ready.

Illustration of Merituulentori
Illustration of Merituulentori. Sarc Architects Ltd

Park-and-ride for 400+ bicycles is an experience in itself

A new park-and-ride facility for bicycles will be opened at the Tapiola metro station on Thursday, 24 October. The parking space offers easy access to the metro station, the bus terminal and the shopping centre. The park-and-ride facility has room for 424 bicycles, bicycle racks that enable frame locking, lighting, surveillance and 24-hour availability.

The parking space is also an art experience. Graphic artist Seela Petra’s spatial public artwork Sinä päivänä (“on that day”) covers the walls and columns of the space. The artwork is a collection of characters and atmospheres, sprinkled with references to locations in Tapiola.

Bicycle parking in Tapiola.
Bicycle parking in Tapiola. Photo: Elli Tommila / EMMA.

The grand opening of the park-and-ride facility and the artwork will take place on Thursday, 24 October from 16 to 18. The event is open to all.

Further information about the opening (in Finnish)

Further information about the artwork is available on the website of EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art at emmamuseum.fi/en.

Shopping centre AINOA completed

The massive extension of the shopping centre AINOA is complete and will be inaugurated on 24 October. Now that the extension is ready, the bus terminal and the metro are directly connected to the shopping centre. Temporary routes are no longer in use.

AINOA has been built in stages. Now that it is complete, its floor area has increased to 50,000 m2 and the number of shops has doubled to more than 100. One of the most anticipated features is the new Food Garden, a selection of restaurants covering an area of more than 1,500 square metres. The extension also features the City of Espoo Service Point on the first floor.

Further information: ainoatapiola.fi/en.

Enjoy a meal at a terrace restaurant in Merituulentori

There is a new lounge and transit area, Merituulentori, above the bicycle parking space. The shopping centre AINOA will open outdoor terraces there in spring 2020.  Its pleasant atmosphere is ensured by planted trees, shrubs and Tapiola benches constructed at Espoo City Garden. Apartments and business premises are being built around Merituulentori.

Getting around Tapiola becomes easier

Pedestrian and bicycle routes on the western edge of central Tapiola will improve significantly. Temporary routes will remain in use in the northern and southern ends until construction works are complete.

A temporary exercise area, featuring a basketball court and gym equipment, has been built on Länsikansi, the square next to Merituulentori. The area is fully accessible.