Sports parks

There are seven sports parks in Espoo. The largest is the Leppävaara sports park that has hosted many national and international competitions. The sports parks can be found on the capital region Service map.


Espoonlahti sports park

Espoonlahdentie 2-4
P.O. Box 36312, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO
Tel. 046 877 2010

Opening hours: Mon–Sun 8–22

Facilities for different sports:

  • 3 artificial turfs
  • pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) field (covered with artificial ice in winter)
  • street basketball court, Sport Court surface
  • outdoor floorball court, Sport Court surface
  • track and field facilities: a straight track and a long jump pit
  • skate park
  • pump track
  • gym container and outdoor fitness equipment
  • artificial ice rank in winter (a skating area where ice hockey sticks are allowed)

Keski-Espoo sports park

Kylävainiontie 18
tel. 050 414 0861

Opening hours: Mon–Sun 8–22

Facilities for different sports:  

  • 2 artificial turfs (one with heating, one covered with artificial ice in winter)
  • indoor football arena (private,, website in Finnish)
  • beach volleyball court
  • basketball court
  • mini stadium
  • 100-metre and 500-metre tracks
  • long jump pit
  • artificial ice in winter (a rink and separate skating area where sticks are not allowed)
  • playground

Laaksolahti sports park

Lähdepurontie 1
P.O. Box 72301, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO
Tel. 050 336 4937

Opening hours: 8–22

Facilities for different sports:

  • artificial turf, playing area (64x102 metres, heated), space for 1,200 spectators
  • track and field stadium (no throwing sports except shot put)
  • mini stadium
  • beach / winter swimming area
  • beach volleyball court
  • indoor football arena
  • training ice stadium
  • 3x3 basketball court
  • gym (in the sevice buildning)
  • fitness training park
  • fitness trail
  • disc golf course (9 holes)
  • playground

Leppävaara sports park

Veräjäpellonkatu 17
P.O. Box 65302, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO
Tel. 050 339 1495 

Opening hours: 8–22.

Facilities for different sports:

  • dirt field (a skating area and a natural ice rink in winter)
  • 2 artificial turfs
  • separate straight 100-metre track and a long jump pit (next to the artificial turf)
  • track and field stadium (8 tracks, a turf, covered seats for 2,600 and uncovered seats for 1,500 spectators)
  • separate practice area for track and field throwing events outside the stadium
  • floorball court
  • basketball court
  • 2 tennis courts
  • artificial ice rink
  • outdoor gym
  • fitness trail (5.4 km with lights)
  • skiing tracks
  • skate park
  • Angry Birds park

Matinkylä sports park

Matinkartanontie 9-11
P.O. Box 23305, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO
Tel. 046 877 2981

The construction of a new ice stadium affects the use of the sports park.
Some facilities are not in use because of the construction site.

Facilities for different sports:

  • 2 artificial turfs (one with heating)
  • skateboarding area
  • the tennis courts are not in use
  • basketball court
  • parkour area
  • panna football cage
  • track and field stadium
  • beach volleyball court
  • training ice stadium (2 rinks)
  • playground