The City of Espoo assigns self-build plots for detached houses via plot applications

The city sells and leases self-build plots for detached houses via annual plot application rounds. In a plot application process, the applicant is able to select a plot based on a rank number allocated to them in a draw.

More information on future and current plot application periods is available on the Finnish-language website ( ). The site also includes a link to the application form and additional instructions when the application period is open.

Plot application

The plot application takes place via an electronic application submitted to the city of Espoo. The application is based on a draw, and all private persons over the age of 18 can apply. Each applicant may submit only one application during the same plot application period.

In the draw, precedence will be given to residents of Espoo, i.e., those whose place of domicile as of 1 January of the draw year is Espoo according to the Population Information System.

Selection of plot recipients

In a supervised draw held after the application period, each approved plot application will be drawn a selection number that entitles the applicant to select a plot.

All approved applications submitted to the city by the end of the application period will participate in the draw. The primary draw group includes applications whose primary applicant is a legal resident of Espoo since the beginning of the application year. The rest of the applicants are allocated their selection numbers in the secondary draw group.

The queue number drawn for each application will be sent to the applicant by e-mail after the draw. At the same time, invitations to a separate plot selection occasion will be sent in the order determined by the selection numbers allocated in the draw.

Plot selection occasion

In the plot selection occasion, the applicants who participated in a draw-based plot application round are able to reserve the plot they want in the order determined by the plot draw. Approximately a hundred applicants with the best draw numbers will be invited to the first plot selection occasion.

A second and possibly even third plot selection occasion may be arranged for the next draw numbers depending on the number of plots left unreserved in the previous events. Separate invitations to all plot selection occasions will be sent in the order determined by the selection numbers.