Leppävaara Street art competition

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Do you want to improve the street view with art? Take part in the open street art competition organized by the City of Espoo. We are looking for an artwork in the Alberganportti underpass.

The City of Espoo is organising a street art competition to find suggestions for a public work of art for the Alberganportti underpass in Leppävaara. The underpass, which is approximately 18 metres long, is a part of the Alberganpromenadi cycle and pedestrian traffic route.

The goal of the street art competition is to find an artwork that is ideally suited for this exact location. Entries presented to the competition jury should transform the currently dismally grey appearance of the underpass into something more positive through the means of art. In the ideal situation, the artwork will become a natural part of the Leppävaara street scape and identity.

When evaluating the entries, attention is paid to the artistic implementation of the work and its suitability for the location and the city surroundings. Other evaluation criteria include the maintainability and feasibility of the entry.

The entries to be awarded are selected in two phases. During the first phase, the competition jury selects the entries that move forward to the second phase. These entries will be exhibited at the Sello library and on the Mission Leppävaara Facebook page from 12 March 2018 to 25 March 2018. The public can vote for their favourite entries at the Sello library exhibition and on the Mission Leppävaara Facebook page. The competition jury will pay attention to the results of the public voting when making their final selections.

A total amount of distributed as prizes is 5,000 euros. The selected work will be implemented in the spring/summer of 2018. The deadline for submitting competition entries is Monday, 26 February 2018. Read more about the competition here:

Programme for the street art competition in Leppävaara 2018 (pdf, 281 Kt)(pdf, 188 Kt) (pdf, 188 Kt)

Further information:
environment designer Niko Riepponen
+358 46 8771927

Alikulku päivällä / Leppävaaran taidekilpailu

Questions e-mailed to the street art competition by the deadline, 29 January:

How should competition entries be created in practice? For example, on paper or plywood?

Competition entries may be submitted on paper or in digital format in size A3. More detailed instructions for submitting an entry can be found in the competition programme. The material and technique of the artwork chosen for the underpass will be agreed with the winner during implementation planning.

Will there be paintings on both walls of the underpass?

If your competition entry proposes using one wall only, you should justify this when describing the idea behind your artwork. 

What are the dimensions of the underpass?

The approximate dimensions are as follows: underpass length 19 m, wall height 3 m and underpass width 8 m.

Is it necessary to paint the entire wall of the underpass from end to end and floor to ceiling?

The artwork may also cover part of the wall. In this case, the entire wall will first be painted with the background colour selected in the implementation plan. We request that the natural stone paving on the sides of the underpass be left outside the artwork area.

If I win, can I use my own money to hire people to help with painting the background, etc., since this is an enormous amount of work for one person?

An implementation plan and cost estimate for the artwork will be prepared with the winner of the competition. The implementation plan will describe the implementation of the artwork, i.e. whether the creator will paint it himself/herself or with assistants or if the entire work will be carried out by a painting contractor. So you do not need to paint the artwork yourself or use your own money to hire assistants.

What kind of a budget will there be for paints?

The Public Works Department has prepared for implementing the artwork with sufficient budget appropriations. The appropriations will be used to cover reasonable costs of work (by contractor or artist) and materials relating to the implementation of the artwork. A separate cost estimate for the entry will be prepared with the creator in connection with the implementation plan. No separate compensation will be paid for the implementation planning or copyrights.