New Kera to be built along the coastal railway line – city centre to be planned with pedestrians and cyclists in mind

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2019-11-27 13:31

Alongside Finnoo, Kera is the most extensive zoning project currently running in Espoo. The industrial and warehouse area will be developed into a unique urban residential neighbourhood and employment area. The total land area of the planning zone is approximately 58 hectares. The goal is to build an urbanised residential and workplace area with services for around 14,000 new residents.

Illustration from planningarea. B & M Architects Ltd.

The City Planning Committee will debate Kera’s first town plan at its meeting on 27 November 2019. The town plan includes the sub-area south of the railway, with homes planned for approximately 5,500 residents. An urban pedestrianised centre will extend to both sides of the track around Kera station. A pedestrian bridge will connect the different parts of the centre. Supermarkets, among other facilities, will also be allocated space in the centre.

‘The tallest buildings will be constructed in the centre, while the surrounding residential blocks will be made compact and lower in height. A school and several day care centres can be built next to the park,’ says area planning architect Tiina Piironen. The area was previously home to the logistics centre Kilon logistiikkakeskus, whose facilities have been temporarily used for a variety of purposes, such as sports.

Good transport connections to be further improved

Kera is a four-minute train ride away from Leppävaara, while Helsinki is about 20 minutes away. The plans for the area include the option of extending the urban railway line from Leppävaara to Kauklahti. In addition to this, high-quality public transport from Matinkylä to Leppävaara will be available on the main route via Kera.

New transport arrangements will include a street connection through an underpass at the station and another underpass east of the station connecting the recreational areas. Commuter parking for cars and bicycles will be provided near the station. The aim is for the available parking to be shared and used in alternating turns by the area’s commuters, residents, employees and services.

‘There are currently no parks in Kera, but a lush park offering a variety of activities will be built in the centre of Kera, expanding to both sides of the railway line, and in the winter it could have an ice rink, for example. Another goal is to make the area more lively with a variety of art,’ says landscape architect Katariina Peltola.

City Planning Committee agenda, 27 November 2019

More information about the project in Kera (in Finnish).

Illustrations: B & M Architects Ltd.