Matinkylä keeps growing – a new hotel will be opened towards the end of 2020

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2020-07-09 8:13

The Tynnyripuisto area in Matinkylä will further grow when the new Hotel Matts opens its doors to visitors.

The hotel offers 192 rooms and 77 apartments that are intended for short visits as well as longer stays. The hotel also offers facilities for organising various types of events and delicious restaurant experiences to travellers and local guests.

While the hotel complements the range of services available in Matinkylä, the hotel’s guests also get to enjoy the central location and broadening range of services in Matinkylä.

The image shows the new hotel building in Matinkylä.

The hotel is already a visible part of the street scene in Matinkylä. The hotel will open its doors to guests towards the end of the year.  Photo by: Wilhelmina Paananen.

Area benefits from its central location

The hotel is located at the hub of public transport services. The western entrance to the Matinkylä metro station is right next to the hotel entrance, and the metro station and bus terminal next to the hotel are located in the Iso Omena shopping centre. The location of the hotel this close to public transport services makes it easy for guests to travel along the route of the Länsimetro line.

You can also reach the sea and a beach easily on foot or by bike to enjoy a wide range of cafés and other services available there. You can also enjoy the seaside atmosphere along the Espoo Waterfront Walkway, which is dozens of kilometres long.

Matinkylä is the hub of a wide range of services

The developing Tynnyripuisto area will form a pleasant and functional centre in Matinkylä. It offers a growing range of services and new jobs, which is important for the vitality of Espoo.

After the completion of the Meri-Matti school and new Matinkylä swimming hall, planned to be built to the west and north, respectively, of the hotel area, as well as the actual Tynnyripuisto park itself, the area will offer a pleasant environment with versatile services to residents, companies and visitors alike.

With the completion of the Länsimetro line, Iso Omena became a large shopping and entertainment centre. One of the biggest shopping centres in Finland, the award-winning centre offers more than 200 different shops and services.

A new ice sports centre in Matinkylä is currently under construction, and the new swimming hall will be opened for users in 2021. Thanks to the metro line, Matinkylä has established itself as a new centre with a versatile service offering that the hotel will complement.

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