Cows continue their traditional landscaping work in Laajalahti

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2020-05-22 10:00

The cows grazing the meadow are of the Eastern Finncattle breed, also known as Kyyttö. The Kyyttö is an ancient native breed of cows, the gene pool of which Finland wants to retain. The Kyyttö is quite a small-sized cow and is dappled brown. A bull, 6 cows and 5 calves are grazing at the Elfvik pasture, and there is the herd of bulls at the Otaniemi pasture.

The cows come from Raasepori, from the Bovik farm, and they will stay at the Laajalahti meadow by the sea for as long as there is enough food for them. The cows manage on their own at the pasture as they have grass to eat and sea water to drink. Also, they have a fresh water dispenser at their disposal.

Please remember to stay on the paths and keep your dogs on a leash when you walk in the nature reserve. If the cows are next to the fence, you can try to pet them (beware of the electrical fence!), but please stay outside the fenced area.

If you notice that any of the animals  have managed to escape from the fenced area, or detect anything else out of the ordinary, please notify the owner of the animals by calling, tel. +358 50 4304949.

Further information: Villa Elfvik nature house, tel: +358 9 8165 4400,

The cows grazing at The Elfvik pasture