Environmental and nature-themed exhibitions provide information, insight, inspiration and aesthetic experiences. Exhibitions also allow people who have difficulties travelling in nature to examine the wonders of nature.

Long Live Espoo – permanent exhibition of the Nature House

Eläköön Espoo Villa ElfvikissäNature House Villa Elfvik allows you to examine the beauty of nature in Espoo during all seasons. The permanent exhibition of the Nature House, Long live Espoo, displays the special features of nature in Espoo: herb-rich forests, waterfowl habitats, Nuuksio and the archipelago. This interactive exhibition gives you a chance to use all your senses. You can hear birds sing, stroke the coat of a fox and peer into hatches. You can also bring small miracles of nature to study under a microscope.

We are renewing the exhibition - some parts might be temporarily not in use.  For more information call 0981654400.

Temporary exhibitions at Nature House Villa Elfvik

The temporary exhibitions of the Nature House provide information about a sustainable lifestyle and the biodiversity of nature.

Some of the temporary exhibitions that have been displayed are produced by the Nature House and can also be lent elsewhere. More detailed information is available from the page "Lainattavat näyttelyt". The material is available only in Finnish.