Checklist for friends of nature

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Nature is home to animals and plants. Please do not disturb their home! Instead...

  • The great outdoors is the best place to play and have adventures. When you explore nature, keep your mind and senses open. You are always welcome there! 
  • The more peacefully you move, the more you see, hear and smell. Animals are not afraid of peaceful wanderers in the forest, but they do fear noisy groups.
  • Paths are easy to follow, and if you stay on the path, the surrounding nature stays in good condition. Trees may have sharp branches. Be careful!
  • Plants, polypores and moss are living things just like squirrels and birds. Let them grow where they are. Bugs are fascinating but they must be treated gently and carefully. Do not harm them.
  • Rubbish belongs in the rubbish bin. The Nature House Villa Elfvik has recycling bins for different kinds of waste. Always bring your rubbish back with you, do not leave it in the environment!
  • Enjoy the wonders of nature to the full. You make happy memories that will last for a long time.