When starting a business in certain sectors, you are required to obtain specific permits and submit notifications through the city. An existing company may also need to obtain certain permits from the city when changing their operations. Your business may also require permits from other authorities. For more information, please contact the business advisors

Permits and instructions related to building and the environment

For more information about these permits, contact Technical and Environment Services. Such permits include:

  • short-term land lease and land use permits
  • building-related permits
  • action, demolition or landscape work permits for a building site
  • action permits for sales, information and advertising equipment
  • deviation decisions and planning solutions for areas outside of the local detailed plan
  • land extraction permits
  • landscape work permits not for a building site
  • notifications and permits for starting a business (e.g. establishment of a grocery store, restaurant or other food production activities)
  • environmental permit if your activities will burden the environment
  • other permits and notifications related to the environment (e.g. notifications of noise)

Permits for social and health care services

Permits for social services and health care companies are granted by Regional State Administrative Agencies. The city has an obligation to monitor certain private service providers such as providers of mental health services as well as services for the elderly. These service providers are required to notify the city of starting and ending such activities within the City of Espoo.

Companies can register as service providers through the electronic service voucher and outsourced service system (in Finnish).

Establishment and extension of a campsite

For more information about permits for the establishment and extension of a campsite, contact City of Espoo Sport and Exercise Services.

Private schools

The City of Espoo Education Unit issues statements regarding private schools to be established in Espoo if they want to obtain state subsidies and the right to issue certificates. The permits are granted by the Finnish government.

Contact information for the Education Unit

Further instructions

Instructions by Espoo Region Environmental Health Care regarding the requirements for various establishments:

Environmental advisory services for SMEs

EcoCompass offers tailored advisory services in environmental matters. The aim is to help companies improve their environmental management and eco-efficiency.