For the employer

Help for recruitment

Would you like to save time, effort and money in recruitment? Work trainers can provide you with free-of-charge recruitment services to:

• find the best applicants for your vacancy
• help you to apply for financial subsidies (pay subsidy and Espoo supplement) and complete the required paperwork
• save time by handling the recruitment routines

The range of available professionals from various fields spans people with excellent practical skills to those with a high level of education. Jobseekers looking to transition to another field as well as young people with little experience but a good attitude are also interested in vacancies.

We provide employees for

• employment relationships
pay-subsidised work
apprenticeship training
• work trials

Work trial
This arrangement gives you the opportunity to provide an unemployed jobseeker who is interested in the types of jobs you have available with a trial placement, not unlike a traineeship, completely free of financial costs. The work trial is not considered an employment relationship, so no wage will be paid for it. Pay subsidy can be applied for hiring a person transitioning from a work trial into an employment relationship.

Contact information:
Work trainers
tel. 043 825 9038, 043 825 9039, 043 825 9040, 043 825 9041, 043 825 9042, 043 825 9043, 046 877 2187, 046 877 2362

The Työtä päin! project also finds employment for unemployed professionals. For more information, please contact a project worker, tel. 043 825 2331.

Financial support

The TE Office can grant pay subsidy for hiring an unemployed job seeker. This can significantly reduce the costs of hiring a new employee. When you recruit an unemployed Espoo resident entitled to pay subsidy, you can also apply for the Espoo employment supplement (300 € / month) from the City of Espoo.
Contact information: Carlos Barrionuevo, tel. 050 430 0344

If, on the other hand, you recruit an employee entitled to pay subsidy through the City of Espoo employment services, the work trainer will assist you with applying for pay subsidy and completing the necessary paperwork. You can ask for employees from the work trainers.

Subcontracting work

At the Soukka Work Centre, we provide companies with diverse packaging, sorting, assembly and disassembly services, as well as other assistance such as mailing, through subcontracting arrangements.

Instead of generating profit, our operations are aimed at offering motivating work to customers who are engaged in our work activities. Our prices are very affordable and can be agreed upon based on the difficulty and scope of each respective task.

Contact us and we can negotiate the perfect solution for your company.
Soukka Work Centre, tel. 050 570 5834, 043 824 9713, 043 824 6448