More people are choosing light entrepreneurship and lifestyle entrepreneurship

In the future, an increasing number of us will employ ourselves by selling our services. Instead of having one employer, we offer services to several companies. There are many different possibilities for selling your skills.

You may employ yourself for example by:

  • Selling your skills through an invoicing co-operative . Eezy, Ukko and Finjob are examples of general co-operatives, which anyone can join and utilise for invoicing and employer obligations. You take care of sales and services yourself. These options are also often called light entrepreneurship

  • Joining a worker co-operative . A worker co-operative is a mutual company. This means a workplace and an organisation in which you are a co-owner. Typically, a co-operative is founded by professionals in a certain field, such as Acamedia, Bionautti and Kulttuurimakasiini.

  • Finding employment through a temporary employment agency (eWork, Barona and Opteam). In practice, the company sells/pairs professionals with clients for temporary assignments and charges a commission. This way you can sell your skills as an entrepreneur as well.

  • Founding a limited company or a company name. You are an entrepreneur and you are responsible for sales, services, invoicing and authority obligations. You do not, however, pay commission to anyone else and you may for example be entitled to a start up grant to support you.

  • Becoming a co-founder in a limited company. You can find start ups within the cities’ start up services and the business incubators and accelerators in the metropolitan area. In addition to cities and investment companies, large companies also offer workspaces and business incubators, such as GE Health Innovation Village in Vallila or Microsoft Flux on Korkeavuorenkatu.

  • Becoming a franchising entrepreneur. Somebody else has come up with the business plan and operations model for the company. You conclude a franchising agreement and set up your own company according to a ready-made concept and with the support of a chain.

  • Buying an existing company. Either alone or with a team. You need the support of a financer/guarantor, such as Finnvera and a bank.

As a result of digitalisation, in many fields work is no longer tied to a certain place. Finnish lifestyle entrepreneurs can be found under many palm trees on beaches in far-off countries. Entrepreneurship in its various forms is definitely an option worth exploring. Which skills could you gather into a neat sales package?