Construction of the first residential building began in Finnoo

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2020-03-10 12:59

The construction of the first residential building has begun in Finnoo. Skanska is building an 8-storey apartment building in the Finnoonkallio area, right next to the Finnoo metro station. The building will include 64 homes for new Finnoo residents and is expected to be completed in September 2021.

Illustration of Skanska’s Reimari, being built in the new residential area of Finnoo.
A visualisation of housing company Reimari. Image by: Skanska.

Located by the sea and along the metro line, Finnoo will become a new district of some 17,000 residents. The area is being designed with sustainable development as the starting point. The future Finnoo residents will get to enjoy good public transport connections, green parks, paths by the sea and services within walking distance. All construction work in the area must comply with the City of Espoo’s energy efficiency criteria.

The construction of streets and municipal infrastructure is well under way, and the main streets have reached the final stages of construction. The construction of Peijinkatu, Peijinkuja and Hannuksenpuisto will begin in the spring. Peijinkatu and Peijinkuja will lead to the first apartment buildings that are now under construction. Hannuksenpuisto will be a 200-metre pedestrian and bicycle path through a lush green park.