Kivenlahti to expand to Kiviruukki on the northern side of Länsiväylä

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2019-01-18 12:11

In the future, the Kiviruukki industrial area in Espoo will be transformed into a diverse residential and workplace area that will be home to the majority of new residential construction around Kivenlahti. Jobs in Kiviruukki will be created especially by the innovation cluster of bio- and circular economy called Cleantech Garden which will be built there. The aims of the Kiviruukki component master plan has been approved by the City Board of Espoo in January 2019. 

“The Kiviruukki component master plan will be used to balance the economic structure of the Espoonlahti area by enabling the creation of new jobs and by significantly increasing education and teaching activities. At the same time, the achievement of Espoo’s housing production goals along the metro zone will be supported,” says Head of Environment and Technical Services Olli Isotalo.  

Kiviruukki to be linked as an integral part of Kivenlahti  

The greatest growth potential in the area impacted by the Kivenlahti metro station can be found on the northern side of Länsiväylä in Kiviruukki, since the development potential of the southern side is mostly based on complementary construction. In terms of population, an estimate from 9,000 to 12,000 new residents is proposed as the goal for Kiviruukki. The potential number of new jobs created in the area could be between 1,000 and 2,000. At the moment, the cityscape of Kiviruukki is dominated by small industry, storage facilities and the Fortum heating plant. There are very few residents in the area. Currently, there are a little under 1,000 jobs.  

The majority of Kiviruukki is located no more than one kilometre away from the future Kivenlahti metro station. By implementing functional and safe pedestrian and cycling connections from Kiviruukki to the Kivenlahti metro station and other services of the area, Kiviruukki can be linked to form a part of Kivenlahti.  

Once the western metro terminus is completed in Kivenlahti, the area will become a key traffic junction. The aim is to support the linking of other areas to the Kivenlahti centre, for example by preparing for a light rail route connecting Kauklahti and Kivenlahti in the Kiviruukki component master plan. 

Future innovation to be developed in Kiviruukki 

The planning process of Kiviruukki is characterised by the promotion of circular economy and adaptation to climate change; the area will host Cleantech Garden, which will develop bio- and circular economy innovation and its first component is the biotechnological centre of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.  

The goal is to start constructing the Kiviruukki area in the early 2020s, once the component master plan and detailed plans to be prepared based on it have been completed and approved. The area as a whole is expected to be completed in the 2030s. 

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