New high-end hotel announced for Matinkylä, Espoo

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2017-12-19 15:08

Matinkylän hotelli_keskipalsta

A new high-end, 192-room hotel, along with residential properties and two apartment hotels, are set to be built to the west of the Matinkylä Metro Center and the Iso Omena shopping centre extension in Espoo. The hotel’s ground floor will be occupied by a restaurant, which will also feature a courtyard dining area for the summer season.

One end of the hotel building will serve as the entrance to the Matinkylä metro station. The plans also include a shared new underground car parking facility for the new Matinkylä swimming pool and hotel development. With capacity for 231 vehicles, it will be built adjacent to the existing Iso Omena shopping centre car park.

The earthworks for the new development have now been completed, and work on the foundations is due to commence within the next few weeks. The project is expected to be completed in full towards the end of 2020.

Within easy reach

Thanks to the new metro stop at Matinkylä, visitors will find the hotel convenient and easy to reach. The next phase of the metro expansion, scheduled for the 2020s, means that public transport access to Espoo’s rapidly developing western neighbourhoods will improve considerably.

“The hotel development at Matinkylä metro station is an excellent demonstration of exactly the sort of opportunities the new metro line brings. The local area continues to benefit from new development, services are set to improve and they are all conveniently accessible by public transport. Visitors can now travel directly to the hotel’s front door from Helsinki Airport using the Ring Rail and West metro link,” commented Olli Isotalo, Head of Technical and Environment Services at Espoo.                     

The new hotel is set to be one of Espoo’s largest. Once completed, it will significantly increase the choice of overnight accommodation for visitors, and the total number of beds available in the area is set to rise by a third.

Two new apartment hotels

Alongside the hotel, two apartment hotels will be built comprising a total of 77 beds. They are intended for both short-term and long-term living, offering flexible, fully furnished accommodation. The size of the apartments is expected to vary from one-bedroom apartments to larger properties with three bedrooms. The development will also feature privately owned residential properties due to be built by Lujatalo Oy.

“The hotel at Tynnyripuisto will be a welcome addition to the Espoo hotel industry and the wider local area. The countless events and attractions in the capital region will now be just a short metro ride away,” said Tuula Antola, Director of Business and Economic Development at Espoo.

“The hotel and two apartment hotels will increase Matinkylä’s attractiveness and perfectly complement existing services within the area, including the Iso Omena shopping centre. Matinkylä is one of the fastest growing areas in the capital region. I’m certain that the development will also pave the way for new and innovative services for tourists,” Antola adds.

The development is designed by architects Gullichsen Vormala Arkkitehdit Ky and will be built by Lujatalo Oy. Once completed, the hotel and apartment hotels will be acquired by Kassiopeia Finland Oy and pension insurers Veritas.  

Tynnyripuisto – an attractive new addition

The Tynnyripuisto neighbourhood will be a dynamic and attractive new addition to Matinkylä. Once the Meri-Matti school to the west of the development, the new swimming pool to the north and Tynnyripuisto itself have been completed, it will transform the area into a new urban hub with a wide choice of services and amenities for local residents and visitors.

According to Olli Isotalo, Espoo’s Head of Technical and Environment Services, the new swimming pool will be built in 2021, while a new ice arena is expected to be completed in autumn 2019.