City of Espoo to sell land next to Urheilupuisto metro station for more than €19 million

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2020-05-04 16:54

New residential buildings will be built next to Urheilupuisto metro station, in Jousenpuisto in Tapiola. In March and April, the City of Espoo held a tendering process concerning the three apartment building plots in the area, and eight offers were received in total. The highest offer was more than €19 million. The City Board’s Business and Competitiveness Subcommittee will consider the sale of the plots on 4 May. 

Illustration: People walking a summer day in Jousenpuisto.
Illustration over Jousenpuisto and Urheilupuisto metro station. Illustration by Arkkitehtiryhmä A6 Oy 

The highest offer, €19,150,000 was made by Hausia Oy. It is proposed that these plots be sold to Hausia Oy and its plot fund to be named at a later date. The plots have building rights for about 12,000 square meters, and they are intended for privately financed apartments. 

According to Olli Isotalo, the Head of Technical and Environment Services, the offers received exceeded all expectations. 

“The plots have a fantastic location right next to the metro and other services. I’m very pleased about the price level of the offers and happy that the coronavirus situation had no effect on the tendering process.” 

Jousenpuisto is an ideal area for families with children. A school will be built just a few hundred metres away, and the children will not need to cross any streets to get to the school. The area has a grocery store that serves the area’s current residents. Parking spaces are available in the City-owned underground parking garage, leaving the yard areas free for residential use and recreation.  

Rapid development at Jousenpuisto  

The Jousenpuisto area, surrounding Urheilupuisto metro station, will see some strong development in the near future. Housing will be built for about 1,000 new residents in the area. Four apartment buildings in the area already have residents. In the future, families will be able to send their children to the new Jousenkaari school, which will be completed in 2022. Tapiola sports park is located on the northern side of Jousenpuisto, offering a variety services, and world-class sporting events and concerts are held at the nearby Espoo Metro Areena.The metro provides residents with excellent connections to all around the Helsinki metropolitan area. 

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