Leppävaara to get a versatile sports centre

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2020-06-04 14:52

The sports and recreational services in Leppävaara will become incraeasingly versatile. The existing sports park will be expanded into a sports centre that will cater to the needs of amateurs and professionals alike.   

“The sports centre will make Leppävaara increasingly attractive,” says Mika Rantala, Project Director of the Greater Leppävaara area. “The new two-storey sports hall will suit international track and field competitions, too.”  

The sports hall will include a track and field stadium, a running track and courts and facilities that suit various sports. The new hall will replace the artificial turf and mini playing fields on the southern side of the existing stadium.  
The plan also reserves some room for two new fields, one of which would replace the current artificial turf.   

Parking and traffic arrangements to be improved at the sports park 

Many new services have been added to the Leppävaara sports park over the past few years, including a renovated swimming pool, a skatepark, an Angry Birds park and Treetop Adventure Huippu. As a result, traffic to the park has also increased. A plan proposal has been made to clarify traffic arrangements and improve walking and cycling routes in the area.   

The City Board discussed the proposal at its meeting on 3 March. The City Council will decide on the approval of the local detailed plan. 

Read more on the project website (in finnish).