No visits to nursing homes, Espoo Hospital nor housing units

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2020-04-09 10:03

Visits to nursing homes, Espoo Hospital and housing units are currently not allowed in order to prevent coronavirus infections.

Based on current knowledge, the coronavirus spreads as a droplet infection and through physical contact when someone coughs or sneezes. To protect the elderly and other risk groups, we are restricting visits to nursing homes, housing units for people with disabilities and Espoo Hospital.

The City of Espoo strongly recommends that clients and families avoid home periods until the situation improves. Let’s protect all group home residents! Keep in touch by phone or via video calls.

Stay in touch with your loved one or the unit’s staff by phone. 

If your loved one is in hospice care, contact the staff of the care unit to agree on a visit in advance.

Birthday parties and  other special events in nursing homes are not allowed.  Visits by performing artists and other groups are not allowed.

Disability Services’ Housing Units

The visitor ban is in place until 30 June at the following housing units of the City of Espoo Disability Services:

  • Niittymaa housing unit
  • Kilonpuro sheltered housing
  • Haukilahti housing unit
  • Kuninkaantie housing unit
  • Haukilahdenranta housing unit 

The visitor ban does not apply to necessary rehabilitation services or personal assistants used on the basis of the Disability Services Act.

Good hand hygiene prevents respiratory infections from spreading

The best way to prevent respiratory infections is to take good care of hand and coughing hygiene. Further information about hand hygiene

If you suspect you have contracted the coronavirus, do this:

If you are ill, do not go to school, day care or work. If you have mild symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, such as a common cold, a cough, a sore throat, muscle pain or a fever, simply stay at home, rest and wait for the illness to pass. 
If you have serious symptoms, such as shortness of breath or your overall condition becomes worse, call your health centre or book a video appointment. More information

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