Instructions on orthodontic treatment during the coronavirus pandemic

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2020-03-24 21:43

Due to the coronavirus situation, we have only provided orthodontic treatment to clients who have needed it urgently during the past weeks. Now as the situation permits, our orthodontists will invite their clients to treatment in order of urgency. Clients do not need to book new appointments for themselves.

Emergency appointments are available as usual. If your orthodontic appliance breaks, some parts of it come off or it hurts your mouth, please call Espoo’s emergency dental care between Monday and Friday, tel. 09 8163 5900. We will book you an orthodontics appointment as emergency care.

You can also book a video appointment with an orthodontist. During a video appointment you can ask for advice and help concerning your orthodontic appliances.

Due to the coronavirus situation, some procedures are currently unavailable. We have taken measures to ensure the safety of both our clients and staff.

We currently do not perform any orthodontic screenings, and we will not start new treatment periods until further notice. We will invite these clients to the clinic when we have enough resources.

Please note that, in the future, orthodontic treatment will take place at Leppävaara Dental Clinic (as of 11 May) and at Kivenlahti Dental Clinic (as of 18 May). Orthodontic services will move to these clinics permanently as part of the organisational change in oral health care.

Self-care instructions for those whose orthodontic treatment is underway:

  • Continue using your orthodontic appliance in the way you have been instructed. If you have questions about the instructions or something else related to your treatment, you can send questions to your orthodontist by email:
  • If you are using removable elastic bands and you run out of them, please email us at, and we will send you more elastics by post.

Please remember that you are not allowed to visit a dental clinic if you are ill.

Stay well! Best regards, Espoo’s orthodontics team 

Kivenlahti Dental Clinic
Street address: Meriusva 3, 2nd floor

Leppävaara Dental Clinic
Street address: Konstaapelinkatu 2, 2nd floor