Viherlaakso Health Centre moving to Kilo: A telephone survey is ongoing to find out residents’ views – a neighbourhood bus route, local services and remote appointments available temporarily

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2020-05-14 11:34

Viherlaakso Health Centre is moving to temporary facilities on Trillakatu at the end of June, located in the same building as Kilo Health Centre. Consultation facilities are opening up in the Kilo Health Centre building as a result of the telephone services of the maternity and child health clinic and dental clinic moving out.

Viherlaakso Health Centre’s move is a temporary arrangement. Espoo will be starting a service network planning process encompassing the entire Suur-Leppävaara area this autumn. The process will be preceded by a telephone survey, the aim of which is to comprehensively sample the views of the residents of Viherlaakso and Suur-Leppävaara. The survey will be carried out 11−24 May 2020.

The residents of Viherlaakso have expressed concerns about the transport connections between Viherlaakso and Kilo, and there have also been demands for local services in Viherlaakso. These wishes have been taken into consideration in the planning of the temporary arrangements.

Local services temporarily provided at Aurora Maternity and Child Health Clinic and online

Viherlaakso Health Station has provided a wide range of services to residents in the areas surrounding Lippajärvi. Some of the health station’s services can be provided at the facilities of Aurora Maternity and Child Health Clinic, located at Lippajärventie 44.

– At Aurora Maternity and Child Health Clinic we can carry out the monitoring of long-term illnesses, other preventive services and vaccinations, for example. We are also developing remote services, including video consultations with doctors, which will allow clients to see a doctor from the comfort of their own sofas, says Chief Physician Kristian Siekkinen.

Neighbourhood bus route 229 to be extended to Kilo Health Centre

As of 29 June 2020, neighbourhood route 229 in Viherlaakso will start running via Kilo Health Centre. The route change has been planned in cooperation with HSL. Kilo Health Centre can also be reached with a frequently operating bus transfer service: passengers can transfer from lines 214, 215, 225, 227, 229, 236 and 239 to line 114, which goes to Kilo Health Centre.

Those traveling by car can use Kilo Health Centre’s car park, in addition to which there are roadside parking spaces in the area.

Upcoming remote information event for residents and information letter

The resident information events planned to take place Viherlaakso have been cancelled due to the coronavirus.  Once the results of the telephone survey become available in early June, we will be organising a resident information event online. The date and time of the event will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

Clients of Viherlaakso Health Centre will receive a letter before Midsummer containing detailed information on the temporary arrangements. The letters will be sent out once all the details of the temporary arrangements have been worked out.