Services for Refugees

If you are a refugee, you can be a client at Immigrant Services for 2–3 years starting from the day when you first register in the Population Information Register.

The role of Immigrant Services is to help you integrate into Finnish society.

We provide guidance and counseling, basic information about the Finnish society, social services, social security, housing, Finnish courses, health services and family reunification. Immigrant Services can grant you income support until you have the right to receive social security paid by Kela (www.kela) or your income is sufficient otherwise.

Our Service Guidance can provide you with guidance and counseling without your having to reserve an appointment. Guidance is provided in different languages on different days. Please reserve an appointment beforehand if you need a private meeting with your own social worker, nurse, psychiatric nurse, social counselor  or counselor.

Contact information

New customer reception team
Chief Social Worker 043 826 8747
Social Worker (odd years of birth) 043 826 8656
Social Counselor (odd years of birth) 043 826 8655
Social Worker (even-numbered years of birth) 043 826 8657
Social Counselor (even-numbered years of birth) 043 826 8653

Deepened social work team
Chief Social Worker 050 541 1680
Social Worker 050 563 1539
Social Worker 050 563 1549
Social Worker 043 824 7634
Social Worker 043 826 8652
Social Worker 043 826 8654

Service Manager  Eveliina Cammarano
043 8265243

After-care of Immigrant Services

If you have come to Finland for the unaccompanied underage asylum seeker and you have received a residence permit, you have the right to get After-care of Immigrant Services.  After-care clients are young people aged from 18 to 24. Social worker and Social counselor will provide you After-care Services.  

After-care contact

Social Worker, 043 825 6017
Social Counselor, 043 825 6293

Kivenlahti Family Group Home

The Kivenlahti Family Group Home, founded in 1995, is a 7-place home-like housing unit for immigrant youth aged 13–17 years. The Family Group Home is a home for unaccompanied minors, who arrived as asylum seekers and were granted a municipality placement. The workers at the Family Group Home form a multicultural team trained in social work. The main purpose of the home is to support young people in integrating into society. Young people live in the family group home until they reach the age of 18 or until their family has been reunited. Annexed to the Kivenlahti Family Group Home is a practice apartment for two persons.