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  1. New Competence Center for highly educated immigrants – "We want to stop wasting international experts’ competence and skills"

    Espoo’s new Competence Centre for Highly Educated Immigrants will start its operations in March 2021. Targeted services will be offered to both jobseekers and employers.
    • Employment
  2. Coronavirus increased remote work, fraud poses a risk to information security

    The increase in remote work and the use of digital technology due to the coronavirus pandemic has posed challenges to data protection and information security. The number of targeted fraudulent messages and calls increased last year, and scams have become more varied. It is essential to find new ways to respond to information security challenges in a changing operating environment.
    • Data protection
  3. Construction of Jokeri Light Rail is ahead of schedule

    The construction of Jokeri Light Rail has proceeded ahead of schedule. The light rail line is estimated to start operating in early 2024. Most of the construction of the Espoo section will be completed in 2021.
    • Sustainability
  4. Local government pilot on employment to begin in Espoo

    The local government pilot on employment will begin in Espoo on 1 March 2021. 18,000 jobseekers will be included in the pilot.
    • Employment
  5. Espoo Catering awarded ISO 14001 certificate

    Espoo Catering has been issued an ISO 14001 certificate. Bureau Veritas audited our operations.
  6. Espoo’s EU super year 2022

    The year 2022 is set to become a real EU super year for Espoo. Espoo has been chosen to organise the annual conference of the Eurocities network. The conference will bring hundreds of European city leaders and a significant number of EU decision-makers and officials to Espoo. The conference will be held in June 2022 at the Dipoli conference centre in Otaniemi and in other locations in Espoo.
    • Kansainvälisyys
  7. International networking is part of the daily life of a developing city

    As in so many of the city’s operations, the COVID-19 pandemic has also meant changes in the city’s international activities. For example, the normally busy schedule of international visits to Espoo has been suspended altogether. International cooperation, however, has not diminished, but its nature has changed.
    • Kansainvälisyys